E.l.f Product Review #1- Mysterious Nail Polish Set

Review time!!

So this is my first product review (of many), and as I got my first E.l.f delivery it only seems fitting to begin with my newest items.

The first product I will be reviewing is E.l.f’s Mysterious Nail Polish Set.Mysterious Nail Set

I got this set in the 50% off sale for £2 which is an absolute steal! The colours included are Purple Dream, Metal Madness and Dark Navy, and these are all available to buy separately, I think they’re £2.50 each, full price, hence why this set was such a bargain!

Normally when I buy nail varnish I tend to go for bright and colourful, as I often nail art on top with a darker colour, but for a change I thought I’d try something different; although these could be used over the top as well.

When I first got these, they were slightly smaller than I was expecting, but then again I’m used to Barry M size varnish; but for the price they are more than adequate in size.

Now the varnish itself regardless of colour is surprisingly good. It’s a very smooth polish, perhaps slightly thinner than more expensive brands but offers a good coverage. When you shake the bottles you can hear the ball bearings inside, which is always good as you know it’s a good mixing.

One of the things I am most impressed with are the brushes. They seem to be the perfect length and width (for my nails at least), meaning I can coat my nail in three strokes, perfect for quick and precise application; something I can’t always do with other more expensive makes. Now if you like a solid covering then you will probably want to do two coats, but you’ll be pleased to know that this varnish dries super quick, that may be partly due to the temperature in my room *melting*, but I think it would anyway.

I’ve seen a few comments from people saying this varnish is hard to remove and can make a mess, but honestly I haven’t had any problems, and even the dark colours seem to come of quick without staining 🙂

So the colours………..

Purple Dream
Purple Dream.

So this is the colour I would probably wear the least, simply because it’s not really me and reminds me of the colours I would wear when I was a kid. That said, it is a nice colour. A true purple shade with a slight metallic sheen to it; a flirty, fun nail varnish. In all the pictures I have used two coats.

Metal Madness
Metal Madness.

If you’re a fan of black nail varnish, then this is a must. It’s a great alternative to a solid black colour. It’s hard to demonstrate in a photo but there are tiny flecks of shimmery glitter in this polish, and it dries with a slightly matt finish. Perfect to jazz up what might be considered a boring nail colour.

Dark Navy
Dark Navy.

This colour is super hard to pick up on camera, so I’ll try my best to describe it. Despite the name, personally I would call this more of a midnight blue; a really dark blue, but still distinguishable enough from black. This too has a noticeable shimmer to it, and I think this could be my ‘new black’. This is a very pretty colour, perfect for someone who doesn’t normally wear dark nail varnish but wants to give it a go.

All in all, I’m really pleased with these, especially for the price. Although I’m not sure I would pay £2.50 for an individual varnish, I think £4 for 3 is great…and even better if you get them with an offer.

Hope this has been a helpful post. If anyone wants me to review a specific product (from my haul) next, just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.



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