Nail Art Paint Splatter

I was painting my nails the other day after discovering a new technique and thought I’d share it with you lovely lot…so here we are.


Like I said this is new technique to me but one I know is going to be a regular. I call it the paint splatter effect as it reminds me of when you ‘paint’ when you’re little, but just end up flicking the brush at the page and you get all sorts of crazy patterns..(or perhaps that was just me!?) haha

So here’s the how to…enjoy 🙂

First off you need to choose a colour to use as the base, here I have used Barry M Mushroom, two coats. You can use any colour you want really as long as the other colours will show up over the top.

Bases colour


You then need to tape all around your nail ensuring it covers all the cuticle area but doesn’t touch the varnish.
Or you can just clean up your nail after, whichever you prefer.

For the next bit you will need:

  • Between 2-4 other nail varnish colours, to splatter with
  • 1 drinking straw
  • Top coat, matt or gloss

My other varnish colours are Barry M Indigo, Foil Effects in gold, Peach Melba and a Natural Collection in White.

To create the splatter effect you will need to dip the straw (you can cut it shorter to make blowing easier) into your top colour, so you have a good amount in the straw.


Now being careful not to inhale, (it tastes nasty!) you need to BLOW quite sharply down the straw while holding it over your nail to create the ‘splat’.


Repeat this with all your chosen colours until you have your desired effect.

Apply a top coat to keep it in place….and voila!

I only ‘splattered’ only one nail this time but you can do all if you prefer.

image1 image3

This is a great, simple way to get really funky looking nails…and the colour combinations are endless!

This also makes a great summer look if you use white as the base colour and then splatter with neon or pastel shades.

Have fun playing!



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