E.l.f Product Review #2- Corrective Concealer

Hi all…so as promised another E.l.f product review is here.

This time I will be reviewing and doing swatches of E.l.f.’s Corrective Concealer palette.

Now there are actually two corrective concealer palettes to chose from off the E.l.f website but the one I have is the erase and conceal.

As always the item comes nicely packaged in a clearly visible box, with user instructions on the back.


As a first time e.l.f user I have to say how impressed I am with all top their packaging, it’s very sleek and if you didn’t know you would think it was an expensive brand

The palette itself is a slim black NARS style case and features a small but adequate mirror inside.


Within the palette you get a small brush ideal for the product. Quite often brushes you get with an item can be quite poor quality…but this isn’t the case. This brush has super soft bristles and I can only imagine is a miniature version of their studio concealer brush.


One of the main things that intrigued be about this product and convinced be to buy it was the colour combinations. Up until now I have only ever used skin colour, foundation like concealers, none of which have ever really worked.

This selection of colours has one for each specific problem and blemish, the instructions on the box explain which to use for what issue.

Yellow- use to conceal dark circles or bruises
Blue- erases orange marks e.g. from tanning
Green- neutralises and covers red spots, pimples, scars or rosacea
Pink- brighten the inner and outer corners of the eye for an awakened look

Obviously the ones you use most depend on your skin, I’ve found I use yellow and green most, but have tried them all. I can honestly say this product is AMAZING! It really does do what it says. The way it works is by using the opposite colour to the problem, if you look at a colour wheel the colours featured in this palette are opposites, so work by counteracting and neutralising the colour/issue.

The texture of these are nice and creamy so apply well and still cover dry patches should you need. While the brush is good, due to its size it can take a few applications to apply the amount needed, so perhaps using a full sized brush if you have one, I will be buying one soon.

I have fair to medium skin and these colour do seem to blend in well and you can’t see the colours (or problem area) once foundation and or powder is applied. Although I’m not sure how well they would work on darker skin tones, but for the price of £3.75 ( I got this half price, so even better!) it’s definitely worth a shot.

The swatches are below, they do look slightly transparent in the photo, they aren’t that much in real although they do build well should you need it.


I would give this product 8.5/9 out of 10. I really do love it. I don’t think I will be purchasing any more skin coloured concealers in the near future, but this is now a must have and will be re purchasing soon to ensure I don’t run out!

I hope this has been of use.
As always feel free to leave any comments or questions below.



2 thoughts on “E.l.f Product Review #2- Corrective Concealer

    • You’re lucky, I wish I discovered these years ago!

      The pink is quite subtle, but I think really makes a difference, I shall definitely be using plenty when I’m back at uni I’m sure 🙂


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