E.l.f.Product Review #3- Matte Lip Colour

Hi all…so sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I know I said I would but I’ve been a bit snowed under with work and getting ready to head back to uni in a few weeks. But anyway I’m here now and reviewing two of E.L.Fs Studio Matte Lip Colours.


These come in a range of colours, I think there’s 6 in total, the two I purchased were from the paler end of the range and are, Coral, and Tea Rose.

My favourite colour to wear on my lips is red but it’s not always an appropriate colour so I was after something that was more wearable day to day. These are perfect.

The pencil itself is a retractable type twist lip colour, which is great as you get get every last bit out. It’s quite a soft creamy texture which mean it applies well and gives good coverage in just a few swipes. The only this I will say, which I guess is a slight negative, is that because this product is a matte lip colour there is no gloss in it at all. So if you suffer from dry or cracked lips, I wouldn’t recommend this to you as it will just highlight any blemished or dry patches on your lips. You can apply it with a balm underneath, but I find you don’t get quite the same effect.


The top colour in the above picture is the Tea Rose. This is what I would call a dusty pink. It is slightly darker than I thought it would be, but I still like it. This colour is great if you’re not too confident with bold lip colours but still want a bit of drama going on. It quite strange really, it’s one of those colours that almost doesn’t look like you’re wearing any lipstick but then you look again and think ‘oo how nice do my lips look!’ Or that might just be me!?


The Coral, as you see, is more or a peachy orange tone, I really like this one, and think its quite cute. It goes great with natural look makeup to add a bit of colour and glow. Now not everyone cares about the ‘taste’ of lip products as you’re not actually eating them, but for me if it’s that close to my mouth and I can taste it I want it to taste okay at least.
These have quite a sweet taste to them, and that’s about it. I wouldn’t say it’s nice but it’s not nasty either, so that’s fine with me.


Now these lip colours have a secret……………………a hidden sharpener. So many people have these for ages without realising they have a built in sharpener. It’s understandable as I don’t think it says on either e.l.fs website or on the packaging itself. This really amused me when I found out, I thought it was amazing. So on the pencils themselves there is a coloured bit at the end (opposite to the lid) which is representative of the colour of the pencil. Now if you give that coloured bit a good twist and pull it will pop out and voila! a sharpener. It’s only plastic cone shape with a small slit in it which act as the ‘blade’ but because these are so soft and creamy it does the job just fine.


Over all these are great little items, perfect to fit in your bag, come in a great range of colours, look lovely when applied, apply easy and last quite well (a couple of hours without touching up) which I think is fine for a day lip stick.

As mentioned above the only down side is they’re not great for dry lips, although I find this to be the case with most matte lip colours, not just elf.

I give these 8/10 (1 point purely for ingenious sharpener idea)

All comments and questions welcome as always. I love to hear back from you all.



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