Hi all – welcome to my blog!

I’m Bea, a P106041921-year-old fashion design student from the UK.
Ok, so your first question is probably  ‘why is this a beauty blog if I’m a fashion student?’ Well I do have a fashion blog too, (which I may eventually link to this) which I created for uni and update occasionally with new pieces of work, but I wanted to create a different blog, one to separate work from pleasure : )

So as with many girls, I’ve had a fascination with make-up and beauty since I can remember; painting my nails, playing around with my mums lipsticks and expensive creams (oopsy), basically getting dolled up whenever possible.

As I’ve grown up and make-up (and money!) has become more accessible both my collection and knowledge have grown.
Now by no means am I a professional, everything I know (which in some areas is limited) I’ve learnt through practice, online tutorials, magazine tips etc. But never the less I still love it.

I thought I would take this chance to share what I know with other beauty lovers, and learn some more on the way.

I really hope you enjoy my posts, and I look forward to your feedback!



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